About Us

NVRE is a NAEYC accredited Spanish Immersion Preschool in Austin devoted to developing infants and toddlers to 1st-grade kids.

We are an Austin Eco School that teaches values to our children. We teach our students to grow responsible towards themselves, others, and the world. Along with providing them academic knowledge, we focus on serving this purpose also. We thrive on making our students both academically and non-academically strong. It is a must for their success in life and career. We encourage all our students to grow independent. 

Naeyc acreditated Spanish immersion preschool austin

We follow different programs to help the children grow and develop. For three years and younger ones, we follow once, twice, or thrice a week programs. For the older ones till 1st grade, we follow the Monday to Friday full-time programs. Apart from these, we offer the after-school program as well as various camps. The after-school programs usually focus on upgrading the skills of children. 

We organize summer, winter, and spring camps for the children. In these camps, they explore nature, ask questions, clear their doubts. Furthermore, they visit different campuses to meet different people of various cultures. It boosts their self-confidence and cultivates the feelings like acceptance, respect, and appreciation. They need to grow as responsible citizens and accept the global world. Next, in our international bilingual preschool, the children learn their native and Spanish languages. 

Our international school in Austin develops mental and emotional maturity in students. We strive to equip all our students with the necessary tools to investigate and explore the world. The students get the opportunity to explore, think, and inquire about what they want to know. They understand worldly concepts gradually and grow with a broader perspective. We see immense passion and potential in our children. We see their curiosity to grow and contribute towards a better world. They want to and love to interact with everyone around them. We encourage them to showcase their creativity and imagination. Moreover, they learn to take responsibility for their actions. 

But before every learning, we make sure all our students feel at home and safe on the campus. The staff makes them comfortable with the peers, and gradually they start involving. 

Via the Spanish immersion approach, we teach the Spanish language to the children at an early age. To be proficient in this language, the children need to learn it from the initial age. Like other learnings, Spanish is also taught via activities, music, poems, and plays. Along with the language, we focus on their motor skills development as well.

Motor skills development is vital for the connection of brain cells with the body. The children need it for developing their five senses. We encourage different activities at different ages to develop motor skills. From standing with the balance to holding objects, all come under motor skills. Furthermore, we offer various extra-curricular activities as well for them. We have prepared the program in such a way that our students achieve overall development. 

The motive of our bilingual school is to cultivate life-long learning and responsibility in our students. We provide a multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment to make our students globally aware. We strive to help our children recognize and reach their full potential. The purpose is to create leaders who can make their own as well as others’ responsibility. We are creating socially and intellectually skilled individuals who are passionate. We encourage our children to grow in such a way that they can empower the world. 

We want our students to appreciate and respect all languages and cultures. We can serve the purpose via Spanish immersion. Today, we have our staff and students from different corners of the globe. Due to this multi-lingual environment, the students feel comfortable with peers. 

We do not teach the different languages as any subject. The children learn them during the day-to-day activities or arts. In this way, they don’t feel pressured and learn the new languages smoothly. It makes them adaptable in life and profession. 

  • Help Them Relax Their Curiosity With Answers.
  • Help Children Become Socially Comfortable.
  • Cultivate the Feelings of Respect, Togetherness, Teamwork, Acceptance, and Appreciation.
  • Develop Responsibility, Empathy, and Sympathy in Students.
  • Develop a Respectful Working Community.
  • Encourage the Love for Life-Long Learning and Growth.
  • Foster the Passion and Courage to Explore and Develop.
  • Help Them Recognize and Reach Their Potential.
  • Learn Without Any Confusion or Pressure.
  • Help Them Understand the Role of a Teacher in Stepping Ahead Towards Their Goal.
  • Encourage Them to Become Adaptable in the Modernizing World.
  • Help the Children Know Their Unlimited Creativity and Imagination.
  • Empower children through active learning experiences.Integrate Artificial as Well as Natural Learning for Overall Growth.
  • Provide the environment as a third teacher.Provide a Free and Safe Environment for the Children to Explore and Learn by Themselves.
  • Develop Responsible Citizens.
  • Encourage Them to Recognize Their Gifted Talents and Unique Qualities.
  • Develop the Children With Broader Perspectives Who Can Think Beyond the Diverse Boundaries. development.
  • Help Them Become Independent.
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