Should You Send Your Kids To Private School?

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Parents are always concerned about their children as they always wish to make the right and informed choices for their kids. The 21st century is certainly a world of competition where every parent looks to prepare their child for the best opportunities and make them capable enough so they could stand tall when it matters. All these aspirations start with the children’s education which is the most important element for the right part path towards their goal. An important choice to consider in the same regard is to understand whether sending your child to a private school is the right decision. There are a lot of incredible private schools in Austin or wherever you live across the country which is pretty suitable for the right education for your child.

Though there are still a few things that should be considered before you decide on sending your children to a private school. Understanding the structure of tuition fees and whether they suit your budget is critical part before you make a decision. Parents still stress to admit their children to a private school because they understand the versatility in education that their child will receive in a private school. Private schools have the incredible infrastructure and a great setup to give your child a complete experience which gives them a wholesome growth opportunity. Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia which is one of the best Private Schools in Austin is ready to help your child give the perfect environment and make all your expectation as a parent for your child a reality. We will further look at some of the precise reasons why choosing a private school is always a better alternative.

Smaller Class Sizes

There is a big difference when your child is studying among a large number of students in comparison to when he studies with a comparatively much lesser number of students. Fewer students mean a teacher could concentrate on each child more easily. this is not the case in a public school where the student-to-teacher ratio could go up to 50:1. Private schools on other hand can have a ratio of about 12:1 which is far better than a public school.

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When a teacher can concentrate more on a student individually, the dynamics of learning and teaching change altogether. Learning becomes a lot easier and students adapt to the environment more conveniently.

A Specialized Experience

Though most private school prefers to function pretty similarly by providing a board education experience, there are still private schools that are a little more individualized. One could find a religious private school run by a religious leader where you could give your child a more religious-based study along with the universal subjects.

Social Benefits

Your child might face social difficulties when they come to attend high school but private school makes it a lot easier for the kids. There are often specific uniforms that help to cut down on any bullying or instances of social stratification and help the children to concentrate solely on studies and learning new things instead of focusing on things that won’t do any good for them. Private schools have largely been known to prepare the kids for higher studies and make them socially aware of things that they are bound to face in the future. Put your child in Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia which is one of the best Austin Private Preschools and promises to do the best for your kids.

Why Offering Your Child The Freedom To Make Mistakes Is Essential?

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Allowing kids to do mistakes and learn from them is a good idea to teach lessons of life. Hence, every parent needs to realize this face and allow kids to make mistakes and learn the things to correct next time. Thus, it helps them to recognize their mistakes and know where to be alert or attentive to avoid mistakes to do next time. For this aim, you should enroll kids in the best international schools in Austin. In such schools, children get the opportunity to do what they want in education, sports, and fun activities as well. Hence, it brings them wings to enjoy the acts and make mistakes to learn ahead from them. The experienced tutors will guide kids on how to pursue given tasks and learn from mistakes while giving a performance. Being parents, you can also play a significant role to guide them on how to avoid mistakes and learn from them too.

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If you will enroll kids in the international schools in Austin, you provide them opportunity to explore their inner skills and learn from mistakes. In such schools, children will get the freedom to perform a variety of fun activities, games, and brain-building works that may allow them to boost their physical and brainstorming strengths. Also, the students will permit to make mistakes during performances and learn how to revive them ahead. For this aim, there will be tutors, who will navigate kids to learn from mistakes and correct the pattern of work and performance to come out better next time.

Benefits of Permitting Kids to Make Mistakes

1. Do Self Analysis

Allowing kids to make mistakes provides an opportunity to do self-analysis or realization about mistakes and learn from them. You can help kids to find the reasons for mistakes and guide them on how they reach the desired results and turn things in a favor later. Thus, it will improve the thought process of your kid and develop brainstorming ability in him as well.

2. Develop the Ability to Absorb Discouragement

Making mistakes time and again in any task may lose confidence in your kids. Hence, they have to face the level of discouragement from others. This is the time when you can motivate kids to absorb the discouragement and develop the strength to cope with the situation. Hence, it will develop the ability of your kid to realize mistakes and take drawbacks in a positive way to revive ahead. Your kid will learn this strength in international schools in Austin from expert tutors.

3. Get Praises for Good Works

Being parents or tutors, you should praise kids for their good acts of them. Thus, it will encourage kids to continue the performance the same and improve them ahead. So, it can motivate to perform well and develop a winning spirit in kids too.

4. Develop Trust and Independence

Having the strength of self-realization of mistakes in kids will develop trust and independence in them too. In this situation, children will learn from their mistakes and past experiences which will boost self-confidence ahead. Hence, your child will build trust in him and become independent in all activities without taking the aid of others.

Thus, above are some significant benefits of allowing kids to make mistakes and learn from them. If you also want to develop such strengths in your kid, you should enroll him in international schools in Austin. For instance, you can approach Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia, which is one of the reputed preschools in Austin.

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How Online Schooling Helps Your Child

How Online Schooling Helps Your Child

Everyone has heard about the concept of distance education and it dates back to the early 19 century when it initially started. Over the succeeding years, a lot of colleges offered online education. This was mainly because of the amalgamation of the education system. Students from around the world were seeking better courses and a chance to study overseas without physically being there made the market lucrative and students were able to receive a quality education from the comfort of home. We at Nido Verde di Reggio Emilia are among the best private schools in Austin and we truly understand the significance of online education that is the reason we introduced it for our children mainly during the pandemic.

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The Post-Pandemic Push

Since the start of 2020 when the covid 19 hit most parts of the world there was a huge amount of closures from private companies to restaurants to schools, almost everything came to a halt. The schools were largely shut for most of the year which hampered the studies of the students at a very large scale. This is exactly when online schooling came to the rescue. Since then the world has faced waves after waves and things have hardly been normal. Instead, virtual education became the new normal as most of the educational institutes opted for e-learning

The Challenges

It became challenging for the parents to take care of their child the whole day because now they don’t even have to go to school. There were also technological issues in less developed nations as every student doesn’t have access to the internet or cell phones and laptops to continue their education without hamper. But these challenges are the stepping stones towards success if there is a strong willingness to get the job done.

Overcoming the Challenges

Great problems demand great solutions and this is exactly what seems to be happening after the initial challenges. Children are now made aware of how to use the technology in their favor and get benefited from it. The chance to gain knowledge from the comfort of your home is a golden opportunity. Who would have thought that one can simultaneously attend classes of academics, followed by dance, singing, and karate all from the comfort of your home?

Children are becoming tech-savvy at the very initial stages of their life and this is helping them grow in the world of technology. They understand the importance of tech in their progress and thus can hope for a better future in the coming years. A lot of international schools in Austin are promoting online education because of the benefits it has provided in these years. Things look blooming for the time ahead.

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Common Group Games for Play School

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Group games play a very important role in the overall development of our little loved ones. This age group needs fun-loving activates which keep their mind engaged and meanwhile they learn essential lessons which are helpful for their positive growth. While engaging in these activates with their classmates and friends children’s learn a lot of essential skills as well. A lot of international schools in Austin and around the US claim how little kids understand and learn the essential aspects of cooperation, teamwork which will be very beneficial learning for their later life. They also learn how to build strategies, the importance of communication, and planning tactics while indulging in various games along with friends. Winning and losing are a part of life and if children learn to handle both of them gracefully, it would probably be one of the most essential lessons which will help you till the very end of one’s life. When we try to remember games that we played in our childhood hide and seek, kick about ball, and kerbie would come to our mind, these games still have the same relevance. We at Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia are one of the most prominent IB schools in Austin. We would love to suggest a few large group games as well as small group games which are regularly conducted in our school to give necessary learning to our little kids.

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Blind Man’s Bluff

It could easily be termed as one of the most iconic and exciting games. One kid has to be chosen randomly to be blindfolded when you are about to start the game. Tie it with a thick cloth so the smart kids do not peek. To make it more interesting, spin the blindfolded kid a few times so now they won’t have any idea where all his friends were positioned. This would now turn into a fun game when the blindfolded kid will have to run around to find his friends and tag them so they could be blindfolded for the next time. If you can already imagine children giggling and running in excitement all around, you have just imagined it right. Children love to play such games and this is in particular generates a lot of excitement. The blinds man bluff could be made more exciting while adding the time element. This will seed an element in the mind of the blindfolded kid that he has to tag someone faster to perform the best and fastest. But what’s most important is to keep them safe among all the excitement, that place where they are playing should be safe where they could run and play freely.

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is a very interesting game that is organized at most of the private schools in south Austin. The children are divided into two different teams and both the teams are then allocated their respective areas. Both the teams are now required to choose their base position where they will have to keep the flag and they will also have to choose a goal position where all the prisoners are kept. Both these positions are kept in the knowledge of the other team. Now the task of the team is to capture the flag of the other team which is being kept at the base position. But the catch is that the member who enters the territory of the other team to catch the flag always faces the risk of being caught. The caught kid will be kept at the goal position where the prisoners are meant to be kept and he has to remain there until one of his teammates can touch him and this is when he has to be freed. The ultimate goal is to capture the team’s flag by the opposite team and as soon as one of the team can capture the flag they are declared the winner. This is a great game that teaches leadership, team building, and management, team coordination, and discipline.

Kick the Can

A joyful game of kick the can is a simple variation of tag plus hides and seeks. In a specific playing area, a can is kept in the middle and one member of a team or a few members of a team are chosen. Now the chosen person or members will be blindfolded and are asked to count to a specific number while other kids rush to take their spots and hide. Now the blindfolded person can unfold and start searching for everyone. Now if he tags someone that specific player will hold a pen for the captured player. If the player who is un-captured kicks the can, the captured player will get the liberty to talk away as released and get into the game again. The game is declared over once all the non chosen players hold the pen.

Balancing Act

The balancing act is a very fun and exciting game that all the kids enjoy a lot. It will require a few objects which include a bean bag, eraser, and a pencil which has to be placed on the head. Now play fun-loving music enjoyed by kids and the children will have to walk around balancing the objects on their heads until the music is being played. The kids will only have the liberty to stop when the music is paused and that is when they can replace the object on their head which might now be in an awkward position and about to fall. The somehow the object falls from the head, the kid will have to freeze until someone comes and place the object back on his head. The game will resume again when the music is played. This game is loved by the kids and they can have a lot of fun while music is being played and they are dancing around while balancing the object.

Children have got a lot to enjoy through these games. The majority of schools, as well as parents back at home, understand the importance of these games while we also discuss the fun factor involved. We at Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia are one of the best private schools Austin. We have gathered a lot of experience over the years and know how to deal with little kids. We understand how important it is to make them learn when they are indulged in these fun games and enjoy quality time along with their friends.

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Things You Need To Know About the Reggio Emilia Approach Schools in Austin

Tips for Switching Your Child from Public to Private School

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The school days for a student are always memorable. You might have several good experiences during school days. For instance, you might remember the time of switching schools from public to private sector. This is the time when every parent and child passes through with some emotional and social transitions. It happens in the life of most students when they have to move from public to private schools for further studies. Being a parent can also be an emotional time when your child changes school after years. You and your child might have some good memories of the previous school, which are unforgettable. But now the time is to move on and switch schools from public to private. Hence, every parent and child has to prepare for the same in the right way.

If your child is studying in preschool and now going to join regular schooling, you need to make him mentally ready for this transition too. There are many private schools in Austin, which help students to make ready for switching public to private schools. The reputed preschools in Austin enable students to get prepared for switching to a new school through the following ways:

1. Get Mental Preparation
All thoughts start from the brain and end at the same. Hence, the Austin private preschools do mental preparation of children to make them ready to move to a new school. The teachers at the preschools will do the best counseling and possible mental exercises to divert the minds of students. They will make kids ready or develop an interest in them to wear school uniforms and follow rules at private schools in Austin. The whole scenario of mind wash will get done in a creative way to make kids ready for school switching easy.

2. Child Involvement in the Process
At the best preschools in Austin, your child will get involved in the step-by-step process of school switching from public to private. Thus, it will enhance their confidence in them and feel comfortable to accept the changes. The teachers at school will make the mind of children understand the significance of the new school and its education system, rules, and spending hours with other students. The children will also enjoy the learning process of switching schools and have prior practices for the same.

3. Family or Parents Involvement

Switching school of the child from public to private can also impact the emotions of family or parents. Hence, the private schools in Austin do include the parents too in the process and counsel them on how they can make their children ready for the new journey. Parents can have a major impact on their kids. Hence, they understand the feelings and emotions of children for school switching. They can make children ready for grasping new routines, rules, and life changes better. Also, the kids will feel good and confident, when their parents and loved ones will make them comfortable about school switching from public to private.

4. Learning with Fun Activities
To make the children and their parents comfortable for school switching, there can be some fun activities that may organize by the best preschools in Austin. There will be some fun games, brainstorming activities, and happy moments at preschools that will make an impact on the minds of children as well as parents to adopt the new change in life. Also, the children will learn the team efforts and get involved with other children to achieve the goals. Thus, it will be a good learning and fun time for both parents and kids. It will make give them mental toughness to accept the changes.

Thus, above are some vital steps that can make the difference for getting success in switching school from public to private for your child. If you want to give some good learning to your kids before schooling, you should enroll them in the best preschools in Austin. At such schools, your child will get chances to enhance its gifted skills as well as learn new techniques to improvise them. Moreover, your child will get prepared for adopting new changes in life and learn teamwork to adjust with other children when joining or switching to new schools. For more details of such schools, you can visit the websites of leading preschools in Austin and enroll your child in any of them for good learning.

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