Extracurricular Activities
We offer after-school electives as a part of it’s extracurricular activities that will contribute to it’s students advancement and development in various areas as they acquire new skills.
Soccer shots lead the youth soccer development section for the kids. The game is for kids aging from 2-8 years. Our staff introduces the steps of soccer shots according to the ages of children. It is a game full of energy, fun, and focus. Playing this game help child generate his/her interest in the game from the beginning. Furthermore, they learn the values like teamwork, discipline, confidence, and respect.
Teams of Tomorrow (TOT) a basketball ball handling and dribbling program
Both athletes and academics are parts of this game at Reggio Emilia Preschool. The game relates to motor skills. Next, it involves the handling and balancing of the ball in the hands. Moreover, eye and hand coordination with focus are also vital in it. That means the motive of this game is to develop the brain and body coordination of the child. It is essential for growth and success in later life.
We have introduced this excellent game for kids’ development. Every child learns about the fun and process of the game with curiosity. Furthermore, with each lesson, they learn the life skills for success.
Reggio Emilia Preschool has introduced this on-wheels gym for kids. We have well-experienced and USAG certified instructors to train the children. The game teaches the basics of gymnastics and movement to the children. Both physical and mental activities are vital for children at growing ages.
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