Faculty Development
Our school has a NYAEC academic network with experienced staff. We aim to hire and develop teachers who are committed to the development of children
Reggio Emilia preschool supports all teachers to develop themselves along with the children. We follow a unique approach of offering growth opportunities to teachers. It helps them develop their skills as well. Our faculty members work in collaboration with the more experienced staff. The opportunity is available for them both globally as well as inside the campus. It helps the staff to explore and learn different ways to deal with the children.
Our international bilingual preschool is rich with highly qualified teachers to teach your children. The children learn and practice the skills in the best possible ways. We have prepared all the programs of our curriculum in a specific way. The programs help both the children as well as teachers to grow mutually and individually. Each program focuses on high-quality and profound learning experiences. After learning, the teachers also get enough time to execute and process it in real-life scenarios.
For us, faculty development is as important as the development of the children. It is because only a balanced and developed teacher can create a good human.
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