We at NVRE thrive on creating young people with feelings like empathy, respect, and responsibility. Only then can they contribute towards a better world. We thrive on instilling humanity and acceptance in them. Learning these feelings is vital during the initial years only. What they learn today will go with them forever.
We are rich in cultural diversities, and we tend to instill the same in our children. We offer a curriculum with four languages – Spanish, English, Mandarin, and French. The more the children will learn, the more they will know the world. This way, they will appreciate and accept different cultures. We have the International Baccalaureate and NAEYC accredited programs.
We teach the children via several activities and events. We encourage them to observe and analyze nature as well as themselves. Along with the non-academic activities, we focus on their academic development also. Of course, learning should focus on their personal and professional success in life.
By knowing more than one language, a child’s overall development is ensured. It enhances his/her creativity. Moreover, it is essential for verbal as well as cognitive development. Children learn both Spanish and their native languages in our Spanish Immersion Daycare Austin. We encourage the children to learn about various cultures. It will help them grow respectful towards everyone. Furthermore, it helps the children to merge in the rapidly growing world easily.
Each new language encourages new ways of thinking and responding. Hence, we recommend every parent to get their child enrolled in our preschool.
No, we don’t demand this skill in your child during enrollment. We teach the Spanish language later during the classes.
More than half of the students do not speak the Spanish language at their home. They get enough time to learn the language in our Austin Spanish Immersion Preschool. We have the study materials and the native Spanish speakers to help them. Here, they learn both Spanish as well as their native languages.
We ensure that your child will be either ahead or on target with other students. Austin private preschools teach academic subjects as well. We give enough time for every theme of the subjects. In this way, the children can not only learn but can process the learning also. In any other public school, they generally cover the theme in one lesson only.
We allow only 10-15 students per class in our international bilingual preschool Austin. The student-staff ratio is 1:8
Our students come from diverse cultures, countries, and races. We offer the same growth opportunities to every child. We encourage an open-minded environment in the school. We want our children to grow respectful towards everyone regardless of diversity. All students learn together to serve the common purpose of growth and development.
Our staff members belong to different cultures, regions, and backgrounds. We aim to instill appreciation and respectfulness for everyone in our children.
Parent-teacher collaboration is vital for the growth and development of children. We recommend the parents take a whole part in the day-to-day updates. We always invite the parents to different events and activities. For us, both academic and non-academic activities are essential for the child’s growth. We recommend the parents to keep a check on the parents’ handbook as well.
Our IB school in Austin aim to develop children who can take responsibility for themselves and others. We strive to create both intellectual as well as social skills in our students. Our children should accept and grow respect for every culture like theirs.
The minimum age of a child should be six weeks and up to 1st grade.
We offer Soccer Shots, TOT basketball ball, KidFit-Tennis and Groovy Gym Bus. We continue to seek out programming that may be of interest to our students.
We offer an 11/12-week Summer Camp. You may choose as many weeks as you want, with a minimum of three weeks. Whether your child is unable to speak Spanish or is very fluent in Spanish, he/she will enhance language skills with exciting, entertaining and life-enhancing adventures through Spanish immersion. We also have Spring and Winter Break programs.
Yes, the children can enroll in our international bilingual preschool anytime.

NVRE believes that choosing the right international school for your child should not be cost prohibitive. We offer highly competitive rates that vary by age and schedule. Day care tuition is $680-$1370per month and a PYP education (preschool, pre-k, kinder and up) is $1200 a month. After-school care is available for an additional charge. 

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