Infants (Nido 1)
“Let Nature Be Your Teacher” —William Wordsworth
Our stimulating Reggio Emilia Approach curriculum offer the experiences to enhance children’s emotional and neurological development. A happy and healthy brain and heart leads to a healthy infant.
Every child brings with them deep curiosity and potential and this innate curiosity drives their interest to understand their world and their place within it.
We have embraced this concept because it fosters autonomy and social-personal skills while nurturing creativity. Till 3 years of age, an infant learns at his/her own pace and time. It is the period when the infant starts to observe and respond to the outside world via his five senses.
Neurological (Brain) Development
After birth, it takes several months and even years for the growth of a child in all aspects. Especially the brain of the infant takes much time to get wholly developed and mature. But, a good take-off can be beneficial to meet a good life. The initial three years of a child are the most crucial years of his life. He learns most of the things, and his brain starts storing the experiences during this phase of life. We know that the support he will get now will define his lifelong healthy decisions. The Reggio Emilia preschool program keeps every individual infant’s neurological state in mind.
Development of Language
Language development is an essential element of social development. It includes both vocal as well as body language development. At NVRE, the child learns to express himself in front of other children and caretakers. 
Intellectual (Thinking and Decision Making) Development
Intellectual skills help the infant grow and learn faster in life as well as career. NVRE focuses on developing intellectual skills and growing memory, concentration, and exploration. The growth in these elements helps the child grow as a critical thinker and a good decision-maker. 
Physical (Structural) Development
This element of the program focuses on the motor skills development of the children. We offer physical development to the children based on their age and levels. It includes the practices like sitting, standing, walking, jumping, etc. 
Social and Emotional Development
The social and emotional development is very essential for the growth of a child. NVRE teaches children to develop positive relationships with their peers and everyone else. A child needs the productive, safe, and healthy relationships during initial days.
The cognitive development of an infant takes place during the first two years of his life. During this phase, the brain cells connect with the other organs via synapses. It further leads to the sensory information transfer via motor experiences. Moreover, the emotional connection with everyone also develops during this phase only.
Our Reggio Emilia program focuses on the all-round development of an infant in a Spanish immersion environment. We believe that the first years of life are the foundation for a child’s future life performance.
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