Our Environment
“Space has to be a sort of aquarium that mirrors the ideas, values, attitudes, and culture of the people who live within it.” —Loris Malaguzzi
Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia sees children as individuals who are capable of doing and communicating their unique abilities in extraordinary ways. We view children as “competent and naturally curious” learners. NVRE is a place that welcomes those who enter, a place that welcomes people to live with joy and discovery.
While designing our language school, we have considered various criteria. Some of them are transparency, closeness to nature, amplitude, physical challenges, games, teamwork, understanding, intellectual and social skills. We focus on offering ample developmental opportunities to children of all age groups. The purpose is to offer growth and development with safety and care.
We focus on offering an environment where the children can learn to develop relationships with themselves, others, and nature. Our Reggio Emilia bilingual schools support the fact that children can learn a lot from nature and surroundings. We offer them ample time to observe and learn from nature. We foster the feelings like respect, acceptance, and appreciation in our children.
The ways to teach may vary from subject to subject. We teach the children via music, arts, dramatic plays, games, and study materials. Our study materials are readily available. Moreover, we are very specific about our learning ways and materials. They must serve the purpose of the overall learning and development of every child.
Reggio Emilia Preschool classrooms offer a unique, multi-cultural, and pleasant learning environment to the children. The students can focus on their growth and development entertainingly. We offer the children plenty of opportunities to explore, observe and learn. We have the study materials, fundamental safe tools, toys, and many other objects to help them grow. We focus on encouraging creativity, imagination, and thinking skills in children. 
Our Spanish Immersion School Austin helps children grow bilingual. We teach the children two languages at the same time. One of them is Spanish, and another is their native language.
We offer opportunities to children to develop their creativity and imagination skills. It is a part of not only classrooms but also the art room. We organize mini-workshops for the children where they can explore and learn. They get opportunities to express their ideas via painting, collage, watercolors, clay, etc.
Motor activities play a vital role in developing the five senses in children. Via physical activities, the brain cells connect to the whole body through synapses. This way, the children enhance their senses like touch, taste, smell, see, hear and think. We provide toys and practice materials to help the children grow better. These materials are available in our sensory-motor room. Here, we encourage children to know and understand themselves as well as nature.
Here, the students utilize their creativity to transform the existing objects into new ones.
This area of Reggio Emilia Preschool is for the staff members. They prepare documents and audio-visual clips to share with the parents and children.
This place is for extra-curricular activities. The children take part in story-telling, writing, dramatic plays, etc.
This room serves the purpose of accommodating the parents who need a private meeting.
There are outdoor playgrounds in our bilingual school for all age groups of children. Here, they get plenty of opportunities to explore and discover their creativity.
It is the meeting place for both students and staff. The place is full of natural elements to feel calm and relaxed. It plays a vital role in nurturing the feeling of love in children towards nature.
This outdoor kitchen is for the children. They can mix various materials and do the experimentation. The cooking essentials are available for the children here. It is a good idea to encourage the cooking skills in them.
It is a place for free games. The children can do anything they want with cards, sand, water, and blocks. It helps them explore their unlimited creativity and imagination.
We have introduced this place to offer interacting opportunities to children with nature. They can learn and explore more and more about nature here. Next, they can enquirer and get the solutions for all their questions. This place is ideal for children to learn how to express their feelings, love, and ideas.
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