Our Environment
The NVRE Environment
Inspired by Reggio Emilia
“Space has to be a sort of aquarium that mirrors the ideas, values, attitudes, and culture of the people who live within it.”
– Loris Malaguzzi
Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia believe that the learning environment or classroom plays a key role in the Reggio Emilia approach. Is incredible hoy our students thrive in environments that are suited to their interests and developmental stages. In the Reggio Emilia approach the environment is viewed as a place that is welcoming, authentic aesthetically pleasing, culturally representative of community, embraces nature and filled with purposeful materials. The layout of the environment promotes relationships, communication, collaboration, and exploration through play. Materials are thoughtfully added to the environment to promote creativity, thinking and problem-solving skills, questions, experimentation, and open-ended play. Indeed, Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia strongly believes that the environment must communicate its values and interest so that children feel at home. That’s why our schools have been carefully designed by professionals, taking into account criteria such as, autonomy, physical challenges, light, amplitude, transparency, exchange,
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relationship with nature, teamwork, game, intellectual challenges, high cognitive demand, small group work, beauty as an activator for learning, good habits, developmental stages of each age group, safety and care.
At NVRE, we pay thoughtful attention to creating an environment that enables our students to develop strong relationships with the world around them, themselves, and each other.
The Reggio Emilia approach is known for regarding the environment as the third teacher. NVRE embraces this concept because it fosters autonomy and social-personal skills, while nurturing creativity, by creating the appropriate environment. Our materials are easily accessible, uncluttered and inviting.Every resource is carefully selected and considered for its purpose and for its potential to enhance learning and discovery.
Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia sees children as individuals who are capable of doing and communicating their unique abilities in extraordinary ways. We view children as “competent and naturally curious” learners. NVRE is a place that welcomes those who enter, a place that welcomes people to live with joy and discovery. At NVRE, you will find many different settings including:
This place support our needs of meeting with our community. We hope this area conveys a sense of calmness and tranquility for our students and teachers.
This is an opportunity for our students to play by driven their interests, questions, and the world that they live in. The materials available for play add to the children’s play in meaningful ways. The opportunity for children to create their own play and explorations helps to develop independence and creative thinking. As child guide their own play, social interactions take place and relationships are built. We have a meeting place for our community that plugs in natural materials for an infinite number of possibilities in this space.
We have playgrounds for each age group. Every place is designed to stimulate our students’ imagination, creativity, exploration and discovery.
A peg-board makes cooking utensils easily accessible to the students. Here they can mix materials, use a faucet and experiment.
Our Reggio inspired classrooms aim to create a welcoming, nurturing, home like environment. They are designed with areas of interest by inviting and cultivatinga child’s curiosity, wonder and imagination. Language is developed, math and science is explored, creativity and art go hand in hand, nature finds its way into many play scenarios and explorations, and the culture of others in discovered in meaningful ways. Children are truly engaged in their play. We have real tools, real materials,reading stations, games of practical life, light tables, and so much more!
NVRE Documentation highlights children’s play by examining their intentions during and after times of play. Documentation also takes place at different stages of completion. Much like a story, a project may have a beginning, middle, and end that develops over time.
Our materials are selected to respond to our children’s interests, to stimulate thinking, to encourageexploration and the discovery of their 5 senses, to ignite curiosity, touch, feel, see, think, and to try new things. This enables our students to better understand their deep-rooted connection with nature and the world.
We have a beautiful art room with the support of mini workshops that encourage our studentsto explore and celebrate their unique sense of creativity. Theyhave many opportunities to be expressive in 100 languages such as painting, clay, watercolors, collage, and more.At NVRE children are provided many opportunities to work through their ideas. They are encouraged to depict their understanding of the world and their ideas through various representations. They are encouraged to revisit their representations later and if their work does not reflect what they thought it should be, they change it!
This place is dedicated to our students. They need to be given opportunities to fall in love with nature. This special place supports our nature based learning through inquiry. Our learning experiences awaken our student’s senses, minds and hearts and help them express their feelings ideas, thoughts and impulses.
This is a place of free game, where students are moving, riding, and experimenting with cards, water, sand and blocks.
This space was created to accommodate families who require a private meeting.
This is a space where students creatively collect objects to be transformed into new objects.
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