Our Uniqueness
What makes us unique?
Through the Reggio Emilia approach, the Nido Verde di Reggio Emilia has the ability to teach our young students about global stewardship and environmental responsibility. Hence, the Ecologic approach. The students are encouraged daily to make choices that serve the planet.
Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia priority is to focus not only on academic success, but also setting young children on a path to be good stewards of the community.
Our high priority on keeping the curriculum balanced, which is why our school is different than others. While the school focuses on teaching core subjects through several modalities of learning, it also looks at each student as a unique person, not someone to simply be fed information daily. NVRE inspires our students to explore, ask questions, and learn in a way that makes sense to their style of learning.
We give the tools to stoke their natural curiosity as a means for finding solutions to some of life’s bigger challenges.
NVRE is accredited by NAEYC, (only 5% of school in the U.S. are accredited). NVRE is dedicated to expanding access to the highest standard of education.
We provide different avenues of learning for all our children. As part of an overall educational approach we utilize a Spanish language program in which the children will be immersed in Spanish while participating in all learning experiences.
NVRE is grounded in an educational approach that measures success not just by academic achievement, but by how students apply what they know to make the world a better place.
Students develop a foundation in ethics and in openness toward differences and acceptance of pluralism by living in diverse communities. As the network of academies develops, both students and teachers will participate in visits and exchanges to other schools in other countries and regions.
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