Our Uniqueness
What makes us unique?

We are a Naeyc accredited Spanish immersion preschool in Austin. We are proud to mention that we are among the 5% of schools in the US to get accredited by Naeyc.

Our approach to delivering knowledge stands us among the best ib schools in Austin. Via Spanish immersion, our students learn both Spanish and their native languages altogether. We achieve it via specific activities and games to make the learning process easy.

NVRE focuses on strengthening the students with academic skills. Apart from that, we focus on creating a responsible individual. We instill the qualities like leadership, team spirit, respect, and empathy in our students. Our language school thrives on helping children accept various languages and cultures. We want our students to grow both intellectually and socially. We instill the feeling of commitment in them towards their environment and the world.

Our Spanish immersion preschool supports an educational approach. It is crucial for not only the academic but also the overall success of the children. We like to see how the students can apply their learnings in real-life scenarios.

NVRE focuses that every child can accept all other communities and cultures like his/her own. This form of learning is a necessity during the initial developmental phase. We achieve this by making our students visit and explore the different schools in different countries and areas. 

An individual must be open-minded to contribute towards a better world. This learning starts from day one at our Spanish immersion preschool. 

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