Preschool (PP3 & PP4)

Preschool & Kinder Junior

Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia enfaces the discovering of the image of the child as rich and competent. Fully of discovery with many opportunities to develop a creative mind. This means that our students will have many ways to realize themselves and express this when the appropriate

With us, your children learn the languages, expressions, activities, and several other necessary elements. In a favorable environment, the children can explore everything around them. The well-trusted and experienced staff take care of the well-being of the children. Not only do they learn the basics, but we teach them the academics also. 

At our international bilingual preschool Austin, learning is fun for every child. The growth at this stage is very crucial for both the parents and students. We ensure that you can also track the weekly growth of your child. We provide you the monthly calendar with weekly updates of new activities, events, and themes. 

It is our way of working that helps us stand among the best ib schools in Austin. Our motive is to help the children learn, grow and prosper. The teachings in our international bilingual preschool Austin depend upon the age of the children. 

The Plans for Initial Years of the Children:

  • Every child can get a safe and favorable learning environment
  • The children can learn to settle and stay in school routine without much effort.
  • The children can feel calm, excited, and confident while interacting with others.
  • Help children learn the broader aspects of what they are already familiar with
  • Help children grow interested in various types of learnings.
  • Every child can develop the necessary skills and knowledge about whatever we teach.
  • Help the children learn social and intellectual aspects.
  • Help them understand and accept different cultures

The children learn different areas of the curriculum in our language school Austin

  • Languages
  • Social, Personal and Intellectual Learnings
  • Physical/Motor Skills Development
  • Art – Music, Culture, Dance, Drama, etc.
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Environmental Studies



In our language preschool Austin, the children learn to express themselves in front of others. They learn both verbal and non-verbal languages. Here, we help them grow their communication skills. They can ask questions, speak out their views, and comment on anything. It helps them gain self-confidence and build relationships.

Because of our Spanish immersion, the children can learn the Spanish language also. So, they learn both their native and Spanish languages at the same time. 

Social, Personal and Intellectual Learnings

Our children learn to grow both socially and intellectually. Via communication skills, children learn to grow socially. Via games, dramatic plays, etc., children learn to take care of themselves and the environment. The ability to speak, ask questions, and mental development help them grow as intellectuals. We focus on all these sets of development of a child. 

Physical/Motor Skills Development

There are a wide variety of activities that come under motor skills. Children learn everything from sitting to jumping through obstacles. They learn to hold and handle small objects by themselves. Further, they learn several environmental and self-cleaning actions. These activities include tying, watering plants, using the potty, and shoe polishing. With the help of motor skills, the brain connects to the body via synapses. So, the motor skills develop the children not only physically but also mentally. 

Art Development

The children grow their interest in different forms of art in our ib school in Austin. They include music, poems, dance, dramatic play, geography, and culture. The staff teaches everything in a well-trusted and entertaining way. So, the children learn and understand the concepts of these art forms very easily. 

Mathematics Development

Growing mathematically intense is one of the best mental exercises. The children start learning the basics of mathematics with us. The first step is counting via objects or pictures and then written numbers. Once the counting part is done, they start to learn the combination and deduction parts. They learn essential addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 

Sciences and Environmental Studies

In our international bilingual preschool Austin, the children learn about science and their environment. To serve the purpose, we use exciting pictures, nature, toys, and study materials. Children get an opportunity to explore and learn about everything around them.

We know that parents must also know what their children are going to learn at NVRE. So, we offer a PYP (Primary Years Program) workshop for parents. Here, parents will get to know the activities and events of PYP. Furthermore, they can clear all their doubts by taking part in the inquiries. Parents can get a more in-depth insight into the studies via 20-minute brief sessions on each subject. 

This workshop at NVRE supports two-way communication. Parents will be able to understand thoroughly what their children will be learning. At the end of the workshop, the parents will get an opportunity to give their feedback. This process will encourage the relationship between the staff and the parents. 

Our international bilingual preschool Austin’s new program will help developing satisfying practices in terms of services. The prime focus of teachers will be to incorporate the curriculum into the projects. Furthermore, they will be responsible for ensuring its practice in the school. There will be a 15 days Caring TIPS project to ensure growth. The service-learning project ensures the growth of the collaborative culture in Latin American. 

These projects are vital for the early-stage development of the children. They make sure that the children grow as good humans with a constructive mindset. The projects help the children learn to contribute towards a better world. Our children will learn to understand and accept different cultures, languages, and traditions.

We want to see the NVRE students grow as leaders. All our activities and projects teach the children to grow socially and intellectually. We thrive on teaching our children about humanity, empathy, sympathy, and social etiquette. Moreover, they should learn to differentiate between right and wrong actions. Our children learn to take responsibility for their actions. This way, the children grow not only socially but also personally. 

We instill leadership skills in our students. We do it via enhancing their creativity, ownership, team-spirit, and self-challenging skills.

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