Primary (PYP)

The world is modernizing and globalizing at a swift pace. NVRE is Best Preschools in Austin that preparing students to develop their intellectual, social, emotional, and personal skills. We are doing it via our curriculum under PYP (Primary Years Program). The prime focus of our curriculum is the essential five elements. These are concepts, skills, knowledge, attitude and actions.

It is vital learning in the initial years for any child. All these elements develop the learning spirit in the children. We have prepared our curriculum in such a way that any child can learn and grow with it.
In our bilingual Best Preschools in Austin, we encourage the children for specific growth factors:
  • Explore and ask
  • Take initiative
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Take part in activities
  • Think and respond
  • Taking responsibility for their actions

We convey our learnings via two-way communication. We always encourage our children to watch, observe, analyze and ask. We have prepared six units of inquiry that students can explore with us. We are an austin private preschool & bilingual elementary school.

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Our Existence – Humanity
Our plans and executions make us stand among the best preschools in Austin. This inquiry relates to humanity. Here children learn about their nature, belief, understandings, and acceptance. Furthermore, they understand their mental, emotional and physical health. The last part of this inquiry is their relationships with everyone around them.
Our Existence in Place and Time 
This inquiry relates to the civilizations and their connections with individuals and societies. It is all about our histories, current time and place, journeys, and discoveries. Moreover, it states about the migrations and establishments.
Our Ways and Expressions
This inquiry reflects our reactions and expressions towards everything. It states our discoveries, explorations, and feedbacks. Next, it states how we express our ideas, feelings, beliefs, values, and emotions. It reflects how we showcase our creativity and appreciate our success.
The Worlds way to Work
It relates to the relationship between nature and humans. The children learn about the laws and principles of nature and how humans follow them. Further, it states the impacts of technology advancements on the environment and humans. 
Our Way of Organizing Everything
This inquiry is all about human actions and decisions. It states the relations between technological advancements and communities. Moreover, It states how different organizations work. Next, it states the decision-making of humanity and its impact on nature and societies. 
Our Planet and How We Share It
This inquiry relates to the rights and responsibilities of humans. It states the struggles to share the available resources with others. Next, it states the opportunities, conflicts, and their resolutions. 
We know that parents must also know what their children are going to learn at NVRE. So, we offer a PYP (Primary Years Program) workshop for parents. Here, parents will get to know the activities and events of PYP.
Furthermore, they can clear all their doubts by taking part in the inquiries. Parents get a more in-depth insight into the studies. We convey it via 20-minute brief sessions on each subject. 
Our language school Austin’s new program, helps to develop satisfying practices in services. The prime focus of teachers is to incorporate the curriculum into the projects. Furthermore, they are responsible for ensuring its practice in the school. There is a 15 days Caring TIPS project to ensure growth. The service-learning project ensures the growth of the collaborative culture in Latin American. 
We want to see the NVRE students grow as leaders. All our activities and projects teach the children to grow socially and intellectually.
We thrive on teaching our children about humanity, empathy, sympathy, and social etiquette. Moreover, they should learn to differentiate between right and wrong actions. Our children learn to take responsibility for their actions. This way, the children grow not only socially but also personally. 
Our bilingual preschool Austin instills leadership skills in our students. We do it via enhancing their creativity, ownership, team-spirit, and self-challenging skills.
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