Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia 2 Toddler Program for Two Years Old Kids

Our curriculum is designed to guide and develop the social, emotional, self-control, physical and neurological skills needed for future success. Although many academic concepts are introduced, the focus remains on each child’s development and how he/she fits into his or her environment.

Reggio Emilia Preschool Nido 2 Toddler Program

The initial two to three years play a crucial role in the development of a child. The mind is full of curiosity and wants to explore everything in the world. A lot of hustles and a lot of observations! Our curriculum allows the children to explore everything around them. The children navigate and discover new activities every day with our staff. With us, they get a favorable environment to learn and grow.  

We provide toys and study materials to boost their learning capacities. NVRE focuses on cognitive, social, academic, and mental development. The various modes of learning include nature, art, and conversations. We know that whatever children learn today impact all their life and career. So, we give all-round development to the children. Along with instilling humanity, we focus on developing their interest in academics also.

The toddler enters our curriculum with a few things in his mind and actions. But, during this program, he learns a wide variety of essentials. 

About Language – This is among the first learnings for a child. When entering our bilingual preschool, Austin, children usually know a few words only. During the program, they learn to understand and speak a lot of words. Further, they can ask small questions or even sing rhymes. After completion, you can see a lot of changes in the speaking abilities of your child. In our Spanish immersion daycare Austin, the child learns the Spanish language. So this way, s/he learns both the native and Spanish languages together. 

About motor skills – The child learns to balance himself/herself while doing activities. S/he doesn’t need any support to balance himself/herself anymore. Apart from this, the child learns to run and jump over small obstacles also. Further, walking upstairs-downstairs, kicking a ball is also part of his learnings.

About Independence – We teach the children to reduce their dependency on adults. It is a step-by-step process. The child learns to dress himself/herself, buttoning the shirt and shoe polishing. They are only the first few steps, and this learning goes like this one after another. S/he learns to use the washroom or potty and wash hands also.

About Social Engagement – Not only do the children learn self-care, but to care for others also. The children learn to share, trust and cooperate. The feeling of empathy and sympathy are also parts of this learning. It is vital to seed the feelings of humanity during the initial days only. 

Once you visit our Reggio Emilia Preschool, you can see how calmly our staff teach the students. We are a student-centric bilingual preschool. With us, the children learn in the most trusted ways. The learnings children gain here are vital for their success later. 

The learnings mentioned above are all about practical life things. We need to instill these learnings in children’s brains during the initial phase only. But these are not the only learnings children gain with us. 

Yes, children start learning about one more vital element – Academics. With mental and social guidance, we teach the children about cultural studies also. These include our geography, music, art, science, and history as subjects. You can visit us anytime to get more exciting details about our programs.

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