Our Values
NVRE students working in learning stations
“The future belongs to the curious; the ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it, and turn it inside out”

Our Mission

We understand that children learn best by exposing them to a wide variety of educational opportunities that encourage active and creative learners. NVRE provide a learning in an environment that respects their natural inclinations to explore, inquire and investigate through play base learning.
Our goal is to form compassionate learners, cultivate the skills that are at the foundation of a life of happiness and success: cooperative and individual problem-solving, analytical thinking, emotional intelligence and empathy, cultural competence – as well as early literacy and math skills and real-world preparation.
Our Spanish immersion preschool is a way for the children to learn the fundamentals of life and career. We treat all our students with love and care so that they can feel at home. We make sure they feel safe before starting their learning programs. Our belief says that children learn the best when they are free to explore whatever they want.
We have prepared our curriculum so that every child can get plenty of time to learn and grow. We provide toys, study materials, and natural elements to serve the purpose.
Being in a multi-cultural environment, the children understand and appreciate different cultures and ideas. Here, they get an opportunity to grow both socially and intellectually.
We thrive on making our students both academically and non-academically strong.
Our purpose is to offer the best procedure and ways to learn and grow to the children. We always thrive on understanding the “what” and “how” of their learning. Our staff encourages the children to expand their perspectives and ideas. It helps them to grow as excellent decision-makers, intellectuals, and good humans. Furthermore, it cultivates feelings of trust, responsibility, and collaboration.
They get a multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment to step towards global citizenship. We encourage motor skills to ensure they develop the use of the five senses in themselves. The children resolve complex challenges and enhance their brain activities.
In our school, we encourage the children to participate in activities that can boost their mental and emotional maturity.
The teachers encourage the students to explore and inquire. It is vital for developing their self-confidence and learning different concepts. In this way, the children boost their thinking abilities and step ahead to grow as leaders. They get opportunities to interact with everyone around them. It cultivates the feeling of empathy, support, respect, and understanding in them. Furthermore, the children learn the importance of nature.
Via events and dramatic plays, these kids transform themselves into performers. They learn everything in such a way that it doesn’t pressurize their brains. Instead, our children learn what they do and learn.
We are a preschool that focuses on the overall development of every child, encouraging them to connect globally with others. They must grow as responsible humans and great leaders. Here, they visit different places and meet different people. They observe and understand their views and perspectives and grow with a broader mindset.
  • Help the students relax their curiosity with answers
  • Help children become socially comfortable
  • Cultivate the feelings of respect, togetherness, teamwork, acceptance, and appreciation
  • Develop responsibility, empathy, and sympathy in students
  • Develop a respectful working community
  • Encourage the love for life-long learning and growth
  • Foster the passion and courage to explore
  • Help them recognize and reach their potential
  • Learn without any confusion or pressure
  • Help them understand the Rrole of a teacher in stepping ahead towards their goal
  • Encourage them to become adaptable in the modernizing world
  • Help the children know their unlimited creativity and imagination
  • Empower children through active learning experiences
  • Integrate artificial as well as natural learning for overall growth
  • Provide the environment as a third teacher
  • Provide a free and safe environment for the children to explore and learn by themselves
  • Develop responsible citizens
  • Encourage them to recognize their gifted talents and unique qualities
  • Develop the children with broader perspectives who can think beyond the diverse boundaries
  • Help them become independent
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