The Importance Of Creative Play In Your Child’s Learning & Development

The Importance Of Creative Play In Your Child’s Learning And Development

Children learn a lot through dancing. When a parent sits down and plays with the child, the child feels loved and cared for. They enjoy spending time with their parents, bilingual schools in Austin and this bond ultimately helps the children. Through creative play, children’s mental intelligence, creativity and imagination help them create their own stories and games. When these qualities are valued, they feel a sense of accomplishment and are encouraged to do more! As a parent, there are many things you can do to promote creative play at home. Here are a few reasons why creative play is a great activity for your little one!

What Is Creative Play?

Basically, natural games involve activities that are not governed by rules. Creative play can involve making or creating something new, such as art or craft, but it can also involve playing music. Storytelling and writing can also be part of a child’s creative playtime. These stories do not need to be written down. Young children can create different stories using only their words and thoughts.

Here Are The Importance Of Creative Play In Child Development

These are just a few examples of the importance of natural play in children’s development. Being the best best preschools in Austin, we make it a habit to include children in creative play:

1. Creative Play Boosts Intellectual Abilities

The development of cognitive abilities starts from childhood and natural play plays an important role in this process. Giving young children plenty of opportunities to engage in creative activities can help them learn and develop basic math skills such as counting and sorting. Children exposed to these types of activities have been found to have an easier time recognizing patterns, understanding symbols, following directions, and identifying words in text or symbols.

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2. Language And Communication Development

Through creative play, students’ communication skills increase through a place of fun and support. When a child is involved in the material or the toys they have chosen, it can be seen that they are talking to themselves, and through this, they will understand that words have the power to make a story and you can also take more information about the Reggio emilia preschool. And since they do it in their own space and time, they will not feel uncomfortable. As the best school in Austin, we put this thought into building the vocabulary and developing the imagination of children.

3. Creative Play Improves The Development Of Social Skills

Creative play is a great way to help your child learn to communicate effectively with others. There are many types of creative activities that support human interaction. The simple act of playing with other children or participating in indoor games gives children ample opportunity to learn how to interact with other children effectively and make healthy friendships.

4. Intellectual Development

Every child should have the problem solving skills that come to them through creative play. Imagine that they are reading, while they are reading, they are transported to another world. This unique world will exceed their expectations. It helps to improve their cognitive abilities. At Shri Ram Universal Chennai, the best school in Austin, we encourage students to write what is on their mind. We teach a child without even understanding the importance of learning.

5. Creative Play Also Offers Physical Benefits

Creative play is a great way to help develop fine and gross motor skills. Engaging in arts and crafts allows children to learn to hold a pencil, cut with scissors, draw and paint, all fine motor skills. These activities can also improve children’s hand-eye coordination and encourage them to explore different objects, textures, spaces or objects.


As a parent, be sure to expose your child to plenty of natural play opportunities. It is important that children have an environment where they can participate in creative activities that will contribute to their full growth and development. There may be no higher time to start than now!

At Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia, we believe in learning through play in a loving and respectful environment. We provide a Spanish speaking environment in which children can explore and experiment as they begin to understand the world around them. You can learn more about us by visiting us.

Should You Send Your Kids To Private School?

private schools in Austin

Parents are always concerned about their children as they always wish to make the right and informed choices for their kids. The 21st century is certainly a world of competition where every parent looks to prepare their child for the best opportunities and make them capable enough so they could stand tall when it matters. All these aspirations start with the children’s education which is the most important element for the right part path towards their goal. An important choice to consider in the same regard is to understand whether sending your child to a private school is the right decision. There are a lot of incredible private schools in Austin or wherever you live across the country which is pretty suitable for the right education for your child.

Though there are still a few things that should be considered before you decide on sending your children to a private school. Understanding the structure of tuition fees and whether they suit your budget is critical part before you make a decision. Parents still stress to admit their children to a private school because they understand the versatility in education that their child will receive in a private school. Private schools have the incredible infrastructure and a great setup to give your child a complete experience which gives them a wholesome growth opportunity. Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia which is one of the best Private Schools in Austin is ready to help your child give the perfect environment and make all your expectation as a parent for your child a reality. We will further look at some of the precise reasons why choosing a private school is always a better alternative.

Smaller Class Sizes

There is a big difference when your child is studying among a large number of students in comparison to when he studies with a comparatively much lesser number of students. Fewer students mean a teacher could concentrate on each child more easily. this is not the case in a public school where the student-to-teacher ratio could go up to 50:1. Private schools on other hand can have a ratio of about 12:1 which is far better than a public school.

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When a teacher can concentrate more on a student individually, the dynamics of learning and teaching change altogether. Learning becomes a lot easier and students adapt to the environment more conveniently.

A Specialized Experience

Though most private school prefers to function pretty similarly by providing a board education experience, there are still private schools that are a little more individualized. One could find a religious private school run by a religious leader where you could give your child a more religious-based study along with the universal subjects.

Social Benefits

Your child might face social difficulties when they come to attend high school but private school makes it a lot easier for the kids. There are often specific uniforms that help to cut down on any bullying or instances of social stratification and help the children to concentrate solely on studies and learning new things instead of focusing on things that won’t do any good for them. Private schools have largely been known to prepare the kids for higher studies and make them socially aware of things that they are bound to face in the future. Put your child in Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia which is one of the best Austin Private Preschools and promises to do the best for your kids.

Why Offering Your Child The Freedom To Make Mistakes Is Essential?

International schools in Austin

Allowing kids to do mistakes and learn from them is a good idea to teach lessons of life. Hence, every parent needs to realize this face and allow kids to make mistakes and learn the things to correct next time. Thus, it helps them to recognize their mistakes and know where to be alert or attentive to avoid mistakes to do next time. For this aim, you should enroll kids in the best international schools in Austin. In such schools, children get the opportunity to do what they want in education, sports, and fun activities as well. Hence, it brings them wings to enjoy the acts and make mistakes to learn ahead from them. The experienced tutors will guide kids on how to pursue given tasks and learn from mistakes while giving a performance. Being parents, you can also play a significant role to guide them on how to avoid mistakes and learn from them too.

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If you will enroll kids in the international schools in Austin, you provide them opportunity to explore their inner skills and learn from mistakes. In such schools, children will get the freedom to perform a variety of fun activities, games, and brain-building works that may allow them to boost their physical and brainstorming strengths. Also, the students will permit to make mistakes during performances and learn how to revive them ahead. For this aim, there will be tutors, who will navigate kids to learn from mistakes and correct the pattern of work and performance to come out better next time.

Benefits of Permitting Kids to Make Mistakes

1. Do Self Analysis

Allowing kids to make mistakes provides an opportunity to do self-analysis or realization about mistakes and learn from them. You can help kids to find the reasons for mistakes and guide them on how they reach the desired results and turn things in a favor later. Thus, it will improve the thought process of your kid and develop brainstorming ability in him as well.

2. Develop the Ability to Absorb Discouragement

Making mistakes time and again in any task may lose confidence in your kids. Hence, they have to face the level of discouragement from others. This is the time when you can motivate kids to absorb the discouragement and develop the strength to cope with the situation. Hence, it will develop the ability of your kid to realize mistakes and take drawbacks in a positive way to revive ahead. Your kid will learn this strength in international schools in Austin from expert tutors.

3. Get Praises for Good Works

Being parents or tutors, you should praise kids for their good acts of them. Thus, it will encourage kids to continue the performance the same and improve them ahead. So, it can motivate to perform well and develop a winning spirit in kids too.

4. Develop Trust and Independence

Having the strength of self-realization of mistakes in kids will develop trust and independence in them too. In this situation, children will learn from their mistakes and past experiences which will boost self-confidence ahead. Hence, your child will build trust in him and become independent in all activities without taking the aid of others.

Thus, above are some significant benefits of allowing kids to make mistakes and learn from them. If you also want to develop such strengths in your kid, you should enroll him in international schools in Austin. For instance, you can approach Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia, which is one of the reputed preschools in Austin.

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Why Should Your Child Learn Spanish? Here are 4 Reasons

Spanish immersion school

If your child wants to learn Spanish, you should enroll him or her in the best Spanish immersion schools in the United States. At the reputed Spanish immersion schools, your little ones will get good guidance in Spanish and other foreign languages too. Nowadays, there is demand seen for the Spanish language in different sectors. Due to this reason, parents are keen to educate their children about the Spanish language which will benefit them in their future careers. Your child will get profits from having extra qualifications in foreign languages to speak, read, and write in their careers ahead. Hence, the preschools in the United States do promote the children by providing foreign language classes along with the syllabus. At reputed preschools in the U.S., your child will get guidance in languages like Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, German, and other foreign languages too. So, you can enroll the child in the desired foreign language classes and give extra qualifications to him.

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At present, the demand for Spanish language qualification is in demand. Hence, it will be an advantage for your kid to have knowledge of the Spanish language along with the culture of Spain. To get this purpose fulfilled, your child should join the best immersion Spanish schools and Spanish language courses available there. There are several advantages for children to learn the Spanish language. Here are those benefits as follows:

1. Familiar with Spanish Culture and Tradition

When you join the Spanish immersion preschool, you will get knowledge of the Spanish language along with the culture and tradition of Spain. Hence, it will boost extra knowledge of kids about Spain and discover about favorite Spanish shows, culture, festivals, etc., on social media, news channels, and more.

2. Career Scope in Spanish Embassy

Having a good command of the Spanish language to speak, read, and write will open doors to getting jobs in foreign embassies. For instance, you may get better chances to get employment in the Spanish embassy. Moreover, it will make it convenient for you to interact with Spanish speakers and countrymen at the Spanish embassy or wherever you go in the world.

3. Improves Academic Profile

Having good knowledge of foreign languages will add value to your academic profile too. Hence, your decision to enroll kids in Spanish immersion preschools in the United States will be good for their academic profiles. The students having command over the Spanish language get first priority in academic courses and jobs in Spain.

4. Become Spanish Language Tutor

If your child has a good knowledge of the language, it will be an opportunity to convert the language skills into a professional. Your child may get the best teaching jobs as a Spanish tutor in the Spanish immersion schools in the United States.

Thus, above are some key advantages of learning the Spanish language the kids. If you are looking for the best Spanish immersion preschool, you should approach Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia”, which is one of the best Spanish immersion preschools in the United States. For more details, visit the website

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Fun Activities to Develop Pre-Writing Skills

Fun Activities to Develop Pre-Writing Skills

Writing well is a key part of all learning areas. Teaching children to write neat and clean is not an easy task. When you teach children to write well, you should choose the simplest way or fun activities they enjoy and learn writing. Your child will learn better about writing skills through fun activities at Austin private preschools. In such schools, children get educated through varied games and enjoyable activities. So, you can enroll kids in the best preschools in Austin and let them enjoy the learning with fun.

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At the best preschools in Austin, your child will learn good lessons of writing through fun activities and under the guidance of writing tutors. The children will enjoy the session and learn how to use playing attributes like alphabet toys to plot their names. Moreover, the kids will learn to write using pencil and paper which will allow them to focus on mainstream writing patterns too. It is not all, the tutors will guide children on how to hold a pen or pencil and start writing on paper. Children will enjoy writing zigzags using pencil and plot sketches, shapes or letters. These are prime steps towards learning writing for preschoolers. Your child will experience all such things about writing skills at the best preschools in Austin.

You need to focus on two major aspects of teaching writing to children such as hand strength and letter formation. You may also improve both strengths of pre-writing through fun activities and games as well.

Hand and Writing Strengths

When you focus on the hand strength of children for teaching writing, you may try fun activities as follows:

1. Use Blocks to Build Tower: You can improve the hand and brain strength of your child by indulging them in the block tower game. Children will enjoy placing one block on top of the other. It requires perfect balance and smartness that your child will develop himself.

2. Park Activities: You can also work upon the hand strength of kids by performing some hand activities at the park. For instance, your child should go to the park with a bucket to collect flowers, leaves, sticks, and more.

3. Children Tweezers: Give tweezers to children to pick and hold that will also increase the hand strength of children.

4. Hold pen or Pencil: Finally, you need to guide children on how to hold a pen or pencil to start writing letters. Allow children to write zigzags on paper using pencil or plot sketches and shapes too. Your child will learn more about writing skills at the best preschools in Austin.

5. Use Paint Brush: You child can also show his or her creative sight using the paintbrush and plot colorful sketches, and shapes on paper and write letters.

Thus, above are some key things that can improve the hand and writing strength in kids with fun activities. If you also want to teach writing your child with fun, you should enroll him in the reputed Austin private schools and experience the result. For instance, you can better approach to Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia in Austin. For more details, visit website

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